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We’d like to welcome you as a New Account to Saratoga Eagle. In order to properly service your account, we will need you to fill out some paperwork, including account information, resale certificate, personal guarantee, credit application, direct deposit authorization, and more.

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Please be sure to connect with one of our representatives to inform us of your payment intentions. Call (518) 581-7377 to be directed to someone in our Accounts Receivable department. Thank You!

For additional information and resources surrounding the control of alcoholic beverages, please visit the New York State Liquor Authority website.

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Draft Service

Draught Troubleshooting Guide

Clean your lines at least once every two weeks. Cleaning and rinsing beer lines regularly is essential to serving a consistently great tasting beer.

Wild/Foamy Beer 

  • Beer Temperature is too Warm- Cooler should be 36-38 degrees
  • Frozen Classes
  • Kinks or Obstruction in Beer hose
  • Beer line systems not properly refrigerated or insulated
  • Beer drawn improperly
  • Tap/faucets broken, leaking, or dirty
  • Too much CO2 pressure

Flat Beer

  • Beer too cold
  • Glasses are not “beer-ready” clean
  • Not enough CO2 pressure
  • Sluggish (broken) pressure regulator
  • Air compressor used for pressure

Cloudy Beer

  • Beer frozen in dispensing system
  • Beer has been frozen in barrel
  • Old beer hose in poor condition
  • Beer lines not properly cleaned
  • Contaminated pressure source

Off-Tasting Beer 

  • Glasses not “beer-ready” clean
  • Sanitizer remains on glasses (often when frozen)
  • Beer lines not properly cleaned
  • Oily air; greasy kitchen air
  • Old draught, kegs not rotated
  • Contaminated pressure source

No Pour

  • Keg is not tapped properly
  • Keg is empty
  • Kinks or obstruction in CO2 line
  • The gas is turned off
  • The lines are frozen
  • The gas supply is exhausted

Still unable to rectify the problem? Please call your Sales Representative or contact